Welcome to HardFIT.training the home of Dr. Steve’s intense, sports specific Functional 3D training. This is THRESHOLD training which will push you into your COMPETITIVE EDGE for any sport. HardFIT training goes beyond personal training in Santa Barbara. HardFIT is personal coaching geared to reach your specific fitness goals from a Doctor with a uniquely qualified background in Metabolic, Biomechanical, and Functional Training.

HardFIT training utilizes the principles of Applied Functional Science, the most cutting edge strategies and techniques of high performance training. A deep understanding of the biomechanics of the body combined with years of Strength and Conditioning Specialist experience allow Dr. Steve to offer a more comprehensive, logical, and sports specific training program than other trainers. An added benefit is the fact that Dr. Steve understands injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and how to train to minimize the potential for training injuries that may keep you from your sport of choice.

If you are looking for personal training or personal coaching in the Santa Barbara area, and want High Performance training from a specialist, contact Dr. Steve to see how he can help you achieve that COMPETITIVE EDGE you desire.

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Santa Barbara Rugby

Hip Warm-up

Lunge, Push-up Warm-up

2014 Rugby Fitness Camp